Ignoring loss prevention can destroy your business

Legal ROC Investigators stop or reduce loss of from shoplifting, employee theft, paperwork errors and poor safety procedures. Guarding and securing the assets of a company. Loss prevention is also known as Asset Protection.

By utilizing a combination of the latest technology and our extensive experience in corporate and commercial fraud, Legal ROC Investigators can perform a pre-emptive analysis to resolve issues before they cripple your business.  Most of the time there are warning signs, declining profits, inventory loss, rumors, and other discrepancies but Management may not know how to obtain the proper proof to legally put a stop to it.

Employees steal billions of dollars every week from unknowing employers. Honest employees sometimes hesitate to inform management of the problem. Warning signs theft is occurring include declining profits, unexplained inventory losses, rumors and other discrepancies. Not knowing how to deal with such situations, Management doesn’t deal with the problem until they forced to due to significant loss.

Legal ROC Investigators can formulate a plan to limit theft and conduct covert surveillance of employees that are under suspicion of actively committing theft.  Such plans may include a look at inventory or products found near employee exits or dumpsters, discrepancies in invoices and shipping receipts, sensitive documents discovered in copy machines or trash, photo-copied documents used in lieu of originals have been signs of past theft and may be indications of existing dishonesty.  All irregularities or deviations must be evaluated with an open and investigative mind.

Hiring Legal ROC Investigators will provide your company solid legal proof of theft.  Criminal prosecution will send a message to other employees that theft will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted.  This can have a solid impact on an employee to who is actively stealing or contemplating theft from you company and be an effective deterrent for anyone else in your company from repeating this action.