Obtaining current and accurate records can be challenging

Legal ROC Investigators perform background checks of various levels obtaining the most current information. We are experienced in investigating Pre-Employment entry level positions to far more extensive investigations such as an Executive Level Background Investigation, Potential Business Partner and Pre-Personal Relationship Background Check or on a Potential Merger or Acquisition.

These investigations require a greater amount of detail of Investors, Principals, Key Personnel, and Partners involved with a Merger or Acquisition. A deeper level of intelligence gathering includes in person interviews with former employers and/or associates, financial institutions, prior Business Partners, family and friends.

Our investigators are keenly aware of the laws governing background checks. Our background checks are legal and extremely detailed with vital factual information allowing you to make those critical decisions with extreme confidence.

Other routine background checks include:

  • Criminal Convictions
  • Investigation/Verification of Assets
  • Judgment and Lien Search
  • Education Verification
  • Civil Suits
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional and Personal Affiliations
  • Substance Abuse