Due Diligence is the research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction (such as a corporate merger or purchase of securities) making the effort of a reasonable party to avoid harm to another party or himself.

It is not uncommon for Attorneys to find themselves facing sanctions in certain areas of law because they did not properly investigate their matter or a particular issue of their matter prior to filing their case to determine whether their allegations and/or assertions were valid.

 Legal ROC Investigators due diligence investigation includes comprehensive background information about the matter and/or issue in question. We understand the necessity of current, timely and accurate intelligence including an in-depth study of the issue and witnesses as well as  their credentials and the reputation of parties involved. Our due diligence investigation will not only bring you in depth information regarding your case but also safeguard you and/or your law firm's reputation as well from imposed sanctions. Find those hidden skeletons and confirm all material provided by the parties before putting your business  and reputation on the line.

Due diligence investigations include various investigative techniques. As with all our investigations, our Investigators will customize a plan that best fits your case or issue. Our due diligence investigations are discreet and we work hard to make sure your objectives are met.